Welcome to Walkies and Whiskers!

Pets, especially our cats and dogs are part of the family and we want them in our lives for as long as we can enjoy each others’ company.

So this website is dedicated to provide you the information and advice to help you and your dog or cat live a wholesome happy life together – keeping your animals in tip top health, jumping for joy and enjoying big hugs!

I’m a lifetime animal lover who has spent countless hours researching and understanding everything we know about animal health, whether that’s feline health or canine health.

I love the idea that sharing my knowledge is helping millions of other pet owners enjoy healthier and happier times with your much loved dogs and cats!

I like to think we could possibly even be saving lives – or at least enhancing the short time our feline and canine friends spend on this wonderful planet.

I’m always available if you want to share some advice, or want to reach out for some additional information – just email me on the website contact form

Love and health

Angela Bronan