Baby Oil for Matted Dog Hair – How To!


Struggling to sort through all those darned clumps that have formed in your dog’s luscious locks? Have you tried just about every other solution? Still not tried baby oil for matted dog hair? Looking to avoid shop-bought detanglers like the plague? Then join us, as we briefly explore some of the ways you can deal with the matting of your dog’s hair, either through preventative measures or via solutions to the problems once it has already arisen.

Baby Oil For Matted Dog Hair

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How to Prevent Matted Hair

Before you go right ahead and lather your dog with a bunch of oil (be it coconut, olive, fish, or indeed baby oil), it would be best to look at some orthodox preventative measures.

The most simple way to avoid matted dog hair is simply to groom your dog regularly, brushing its hair and making sure it is looking and feeling nice and healthy. It can be easy to forget these things, but you would scarcely forget to brush your own hair for a day (unless that was not your thing).

Try to brush a dog’s hair at least once a week. Most dogs will actually love the attention, especially when you use a soft dog brush like the Zoom Groom.

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Keeping the dog’s hair cut is also a valid route to go down, especially if their hair keeps getting matted despite regular brushing.

Baby Oil For Matted Dog Hair


Of course, no matter how many preventative measures you put into place, the hair might just get matted anyway. In which case you are going to need to know how to untangle it.

Try separating the larger clumps into smaller clumps that are going to be easier to sort out with other materials.

If you do not have a detangling spray lying around, then you can use whatever you have lying around the house.

In this instance, you might have found some baby oil in the bathroom cupboard. Apply some to these smaller clumps of matted hair. Use a slightly stronger brush to slowly and gently comb through the matting until it has eased itself out.

The dog itself should not present any difficulty at this stage either – attention is attention, after all.

If, however, the matting is not giving at all and is causing the dog to wince in pain, then you might have to seek the help of a professional.

In such cases, you will need to remove the matting completely. Though you would be best advised to use a professional dog groomer or veterinarian for the job. They have tools that are specifically designed for the job. They will cause your dog as little harm as possible.

Baby Oil For Matted Dog Hair

Using Baby Oil for Matted Dog Hair

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you have been able to sort out your dog’s matted hair via one of the solutions listed above. If not, never fear, for you can always place your trust in another solution, or even in a veterinarian!

Can you use baby oil to detangle dog hair?

It’s generally not recommended to use baby oil to detangle dog hair. While baby oil might be safe for humans, using it on dogs can have potential drawbacks and risks.