Can Cats Eat Beans?


There are so many questions you likely have as a cat owner.  Taking steps to keep your feline friend happy and healthy isn’t always easy, but you do what you need to because your kitty is like family.  Can cats eat beans is a pretty common question.  However, with all the different types of beans out there from green beans to black beans to jelly beans, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no.  If you’d like to learn more about feeding your cat beans, keep reading!  I’ll share what you need to know to decide whether this is a safe idea or not.

can cats eat beans

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Can cats eat beans?

Just as you may have questions about whether you can feed your cat ginger or if your cat can eat chia grass, you may also be wondering whether it is safe to feed them beans.  In most cases, eating a few beans from time to time should be OK for a cat.  However, that doesn’t mean that you should choose to feed your cat beans.

Cats are obligate carnivores.  This means that they rely on meat for survival and that their bodies are not able to properly digest plants.  Replacing any of the essential proteins from their cat food with beans is not a good idea.  Their body won’t get the nutrients they need for optimal health and survival.

Many beans are safe for cats in small quantities, but others can be dangerous.  If you don’t plan on using beans to replace essential animal proteins and want to give your cat a few to try, continue reading to learn more about which types would be the best choice for your kitty.

Can cats eat raw beans?

You should never feed raw beans to your cat.  Lectins, which can be potentially toxic for cats, are found in raw beans, so you will not want to risk your cat’s health by feeding her raw beans.

Different raw beans can have different types of lectins, with some being more toxic than others.  Staying away from raw beans entirely will help you avoid potentially feeding your cat something that could kill them.  So, if you’ve been wondering, “can cats eat raw green beans,” the safest answer is no.

Some of the symptoms of lectin toxicity in cats include diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, lethargy, and hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.

This video can help you identify signs of poisoning in your cat.

Can cats eat cooked beans?

If cats can have raw beans, can cats have cooked beans? 

In most cases, the process of cooking beans will neutralize the toxic effects of the lectins found in them.  To be the safest, consider soaking the beans for a few hours before cooking them, as this will be the most effective at neutralizing the lectins.

If your beans are not fully cooked or slightly undercooked, they can still pose a health risk for your cat.  If you plan to cook beans to feed to your cat, choose a higher-heat cooking method and ensure the beans are cooked completely.  Slow cooking and simmering may not always neutralize all the lectins.

If you’re considering feeding your cat cooked beans, it is also important to note that you should not add any seasonings to the beans.  Garlic, onion, and many other spices typically used to season beans are toxic to cats.

Can cats have cooked beans?

Can cats eat canned beans?

Can cats eat canned green beans or other types of beans?  No, you also shouldn’t feed cats canned beans. 

Many canned beans include added seasonings that aren’t safe for cats.  Preservatives, which also aren’t safe for cats, are in canned beans.

Types of Beans

Because there are many different types of beans, the answers about whether each is safe or not can vary.  

Can cats eat green beans?

Yes, you can feed your cat cooked green beans.  If you’re wondering, “how much green beans can I give my cat,” remember to limit how much they eat and make sure they are getting the majority of their nutrients from their canned or dry cat food.

can cats eat green beans

Can cats eat black beans?

Can cats eat beans and rice made with black beans?  Yes, black beans that are fully cooked should not pose a risk for cats when fed in very small quantities.

Can cats eat pinto beans?

Cooked pinto beans should be safe for cats to eat in small quantities.  Many also wonder:  “can cats eat mixed cooked brown beans,” “can cats eat refried beans,” and “can cats eat beans and cheese?”  Unless you’re making the refried beans yourself and know that they don’t contain any onion, garlic, or other potentially toxic ingredients, you should not feed them to your cat.

Can cats eat garbanzo beans?

When fully cooked, cats can eat garbanzo beans in limited quantities.

can cats eat garbanzo beans

Can cats eat white beans?

Yes, small quantities of cooked white beans are OK for a cat to eat.

Can cats eat kidney beans?

Are you thinking about making chili and asking, “can cats eat beans in tomato sauce like kidney beans?”  Cats can eat small amounts of cooked kidney beans.  However, you will want to be especially careful to confirm that they are fully cooked because raw kidney beans contain high concentrations of lectins.

Can cats eat mung beans?

Yes, cats can eat small quantities of unseasoned and fully cooked mung beans.

Can cats eat lima beans?

In small quantities, cooked lima beans should be OK for cats to eat.

Can cats eat soy beans?

Can cats eat edamame beans?  Yes, as long as the soy beans are cooked, and you are only feeding very small quantities, soy beans should be fine. 

Can cats eat baked beans?

If you’re asking, “can cats eat pork and beans” or “can cats eat baked beans sauce” the answer is no.  Artificial sweaters, such as xylitol, are often added to baked beans.  This can cause an upset stomach or even pancreatitis.

can cats eat baked beans sauce

Can cats eat coffee beans?

No, cats should never eat coffee beans.  Caffeine is toxic for cats.

Can cats eat jelly beans?

No, you should not feed your cat jelly beans.  Sugar is not good for cats and can lead to digestive issues.  Additionally, if your jelly beans are sweetened with xylitol, it could lead to very serious side effects including vomiting, a drop in their blood sugar level, seizures, or even death.

Beans for Cats

In most cases, feeding a cat a few beans isn’t going to be the end of the world.  However, remember that since cats are obligate carnivores, you should never use beans to replace essential animal proteins in a cat’s diet.  Also, you should never feed your cat raw beans.  The lectins found in some raw beans can be toxic to cats, so it is best to just steer completely away from them.


Can cats have cooked beans?

In moderation, some cooked beans can be safe for cats to eat. Beans might not be harmful in small amounts, they should not be a significant part of a cat’s diet.

What kind of beans can cats eat?

Green beans, lima beans, and peas are some safe beans for cats.