Best Dog Cooling Mat for Especially Hot Days!


Looking after your dog in hot temperatures is incredibly important. When a dog overheats, it will begin to breathe very heavily and salivate in large amounts. These are its way of trying to cool its body down. If you aren’t careful, this could end up in a complete metabolic meltdown. As dog owners, it is our responsibility to make sure that we are keeping them cool at all times in boiling weather. This is why dog cooling mats are such a brilliant investment. 

There is a large range of different cooling mats that are effective for dogs. Some of these include cooling gel bases, water mats, refrigeration, and freezer-based cooling mats, and circulation-based products. They will all help to bring your dog’s body temperature down on especially hot days. Although some of these methods are better than others. 

Carry on reading to find our choice selection of the best dog cooling mats currently on the market. We also have a handy buyer’s guide to help you understand the factors involved when choosing the right mat for your dog!

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The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat, Extra Large - Pressure Activated Pet Cooling Mat For Dogs, Sized For XL Dogs (80 Plus Lb.) - Non-Toxic Gel, No Water or Electricity Needed for This Dog Cooling Pad
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This cooling mat is a brilliant choice for all types of dogs when you are experiencing incredibly hot temperatures.

While this specific mat is in an extra-large size, there are four other sizes you can choose from if you have a small dog!

Filled with a pressure-activated gel that will immediately start cooling your dog down when they lay down it, you won’t need to worry about spending time freezing or wetting the mat beforehand.

As well as this, the cooling pad will automatically reset itself after twenty minutes of non-use. This is great for ensuring that your dog stays as cool as possible throughout the day! 

This size can hold up to 80 pounds resting on it without the cooling properties being impacted.

Even with the mat being such a big size, when we tested it we found that it is still very portable. It will fit well in homes, vehicles, or outside in the shade. 

One thing that some other users picked up on was the length of time it will keep your dog cool before it has to be ‘recharged’. You might need to check that it is still working every hour or so to make sure your dog isn’t overheating.

This can be frustrating. It will affect how cool your dog can stay at night, as they won’t know how to ‘recharge’ it. 

Pros and Cons

  • Pressure-activated gel technology – This will save you time, as you won’t have to wet the pad or refrigerate it to make it cool for your dog. You also won’t need electricity to make it work. 
  • Automatically recharges – The cooling pad will automatically ‘recharge’ itself after 20 minutes of not being used. Your dog will have almost constant access to a cool surface on a hot day! 
  • Big size – This mat is an XL size. It is perfect for so many sizes of dogs, from Saint Bernards and Great Danes to Schnauzers and Spaniels. It can hold up to 80 pounds, so you won’t need to worry about your dog being too big for the mat. 
  • Portable – You can place this mat wherever suits your dog best, whether that is on the floor or on the sofa. It will also fit incredibly well in cars, so your dog won’t overheat while they are traveling with you. 
  • How long it lasts – Some users have said that the cooling mat gets warm quicker than they would like. The dogs need to get off the mat to let it recharge. This makes it difficult for keeping them cool at night. After all, the dog won’t understand how to make it cool again! 

Also available at The Green Pet Shop.

Coleman Pressure Activated Comfort Cooling Gel Pad

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This cooling mat from Coleman is simple to use. It is incredibly effective at making sure all of your dog’s body stays cool for long periods of time!

This is because the mat has cleverly been divided into sections. The gel will remain evenly spread throughout the whole pad and not pushed into some corners, with other parts of the mat not having any gel at all. 

Coleman uses a non-toxic stay-cool gel that allows you to cool your dog down without having to plug it in or pop it in the refrigerator.

This also means that you don’t need to worry about your dog chewing on the mat and hurting themselves. The gel shouldn’t have any effect on them at all. 

The cooling system is incredibly efficient. As soon as your dog spends some time on it, it will become 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature. This is more than enough to avoid the dangerous effects of heatstroke. 

One thing we will mention is the thin texture of the mat. While it is effective as a cooling mat, your dog probably wouldn’t like to sleep on it without any other surfaces beneath it.

This is because they would definitely be able to feel the hard ground underneath. However, it will be great on top of a dog bed. 

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to clean – This mat simply needs to be wiped down after it has been used. This’ll keep it in good condition for your dog. 
  • Stay-cool gel – This cools down without the need for a refrigerator or an electric source. The gel is also non-toxic, so you won’t need to worry if your dog starts chewing away on the mat. 
  • Efficient cooling – The mat will turn 5-10 degrees cooler than the average temperature. So your dog will be able to relax on hot days!
  • Divided sections – The gel is evenly distributed throughout the pad in separate sections. You won’t need to worry about it all sitting in one corner and not cooling your dog properly. 
  • Thin texture – Since this mat is simply the cooling gel contained between two pieces of material, it isn’t particularly suitable for your dog to sleep on to cool down. You might want to pop it on top of a bed to make it comfortable for them. 

Hugs Pet Products Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs

Chillz Dog Cooling Mat, Large - Pressure Activated Pet Cooling Mat for Dogs - No Water or Refrigeration Needed - Non-Toxic Gel Cooling Pad, Ideal for Home, Travel and Crates - 36 x 20 Inches
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The Hugs Pet Products mat contains a cooling system that will keep your dog cool for up to 3 hours at a time.

After that, it will only take a total of twenty minutes for it to recharge while your dog is off it. Then they can spend another 3 hours cooling down! 

The cooling gel is made from a non-toxic substance. It won’t be harmful to your dog if they manage to chew through the mat. However, it is made from a durable material that should last for years. So hopefully, the gel won’t be a problem at all. 

This mat is perfect for being used either indoors or outdoors. It is entirely your dog’s choice where they wish to hang out in hot temperatures.

However, we would recommend keeping it in the shade if you do decide to take it outside. This will prevent both your dog and the mat from overheating.

It is also great for popping in a car boot if you are traveling short distances.

The only negative point we could find with this cooling mat is that the gel tends to moves around and clump quite easily. This mainly happens when your dog moves around quite a bit on it.

There isn’t an exact solution for this. So you might just have to keep an eye on it and keep smoothing it when possible. Make sure it is still effectively cooling your dog. 

Pros and Cons

  • Simple to use – The mat will cool as your dog lays down on it. You won’t need to spend time keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer. 
  • Long-lasting – The cooling gel will last up to 3 hours each time your dog spends time on the mat. They will be kept at a nice, healthy temperature for a while! 
  • Multiple uses – This mat can be placed indoors or outdoors, depending on where your dog wants to spend its time. It can also be used in a vehicle when you are traveling. 
  • Recharges automatically – Once your dog has left the mat, it will instantly start to ‘recharge’ its cooling power. It should be ready for use again within 15-20 minutes. 
  • Non-toxic – You won’t have to worry about your dog chewing on the mat. The gel is made from non-toxic substances. 
  • Gel moves around – Some users have found that the gel in this mat moves into lumps quite easily, especially if your dog walks on it. This means that some sections of the mat will have lots of gels, and other parts won’t have any. This might mean that you will need to spend lots of time smoothing out for your dog to enjoy. 

Arf Pets Dog Self Cooling Mat

Arf Pets Dog Cooling Mat 23” x 35” Pad for Kennels, Crates, Beds, Non-Toxic, Durable Solid Self Cooling Gel . No Refrigeration or Electricity Needed
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If you are after a portable cooling mat that is incredibly comfortable, then this product from Arf Pets may be the right choice for you.

It is a brilliant size for many pets, and it is very compact so it is easy to pop in a bag to travel with – especially when you are taking your dog on a walk in the hot weather and you stop for a break. 

This mat will give your dog 3 hours of cooling time before it needs to be recharged for around fifteen minutes.

It is incredibly safe for dogs to use, as it is made up of non-toxic gel to cool your dog down, and latex-free material to contain the gel.

This material is easy to keep clean as you just have to wipe it with a wet cloth and a tiny bit of soap. 

A small issue some users found with this cooling mat was the amount that it actually cools a dog off when it’s being used.

It doesn’t appear to be quite as effective at reducing the body temperature of a dog down compared to some of the other cooling mats, so we would recommend putting it in the refrigerator or freezer for a short while before giving it to your dog.

This will ensure that it has a good starting point for cooling your dog down! 

Pros and Cons

  • Foldable, compact design – This makes it easy to travel with the mat, and also to slot it away when the weather begins to cool down again. 
  • Long use time with quick recharge – Your dog will have 3 hours of use on the cooling mat, which is a huge amount of time to help them adjust to hot temperatures. After these 3 hours, the mat takes 15 minutes of nonuse to reset itself again. 
  • Great size – The mat is 23” by 35”, which is more than enough space to comfortably cool most (if not all) dogs! 
  • Easy to clean – The mat simply needs to be wiped with a mixture of water and soap to keep it clean. As well as this, because the mat doesn’t need any water to be activated, there is no chance of it developing mold, which also saves on cleaning time. 
  • Non-toxic – Because the mat is made from non-toxic gel and latex-free material, you won’t need to worry if your dog starts chewing on it. 
  • Might need to be cooled further – Some users have found that this mat doesn’t cool down dogs as much as other mats will, so they have had to put it in the refrigerator to cool it down further.

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, Portable Raised Pet Cot with Washable & Breathable Mesh, No-Slip Rubber Feet for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Large, Beige Coffee
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This is the most unique cooling mat out of our selection. This is because there is simply no ‘cooling method’ in place at all.

You won’t need water, refrigerators, electricity, or gel. All it relies on is circulation through a breathable material, and it will be very effective for your dog! 

This cooling system works by resting a piece of washable and breathable mesh over four short legs.

This allows hot air to escape from underneath the dog so there won’t be any heat build-up, and it also encourages cold to rush up from under the bed and onto the dog through the mesh.

It is incredibly simple and will be able to hold all types of dogs. 

As well as this, it also removes any prep time necessary to make it suitable for your dog, and it can be considered less harmful as it doesn’t matter at all if dogs decide to chew on this cooling bed.

It doubles up as a dog bed, so they will be comfortable sleeping on this bed, whether that’s outside (on any surface, as the dog will be elevated) or inside at night-time. 

The main problem we encountered when we tested this cooling product out was that the initial set-up is quite difficult.

You have to velcro the breathable fabric onto a metal frame, which is connected to the legs. However, you will probably need two people to pull on the fabric to connect it properly, as it is quite tough! 

Other than that, however, this is a wonderfully simple and comfortable cooling system for every dog. 

Pros and Cons

  • No prior cooling required whatsoever – This innovative cooling system simply relies on breathable mesh and fresh air to cool your dog down. This reduces time spent cooling the mat down. It also reduces the risk of your dog chewing on materials that could make them ill. 
  • Multiple uses – This cooling product is also perfect as a dog bed/cot, and it is extremely comfortable for dogs to sleep on. 
  • Lightweight – This ensures that the cooling mat will be portable. You can place it anywhere for your dog to be comfortable. This doesn’t make it any less durable either! The rest of the bed is built from steel tubes and Textilene fabric
  • Slip-resistant – Although this mat is only small legs to allow circulation through in order to cool down your dog, the feet are covered in rubber to prevent any slipping. So your dog won’t be able to move it by accident when it is lying on it. 
  • Assembly – While this cooling bed doesn’t take any complicated building, some users have found it quite difficult to connect the fabric to the metal frame. You might need two people to help assemble it! 
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Best Dog Cooling Mat Buyer’s Guide

If you are still unsure which cooling mat will be perfect for your waggy friend, have a read of this buyer’s guide. It details all of the main features you should consider!


As some of these cooling pads can be quite expensive. You are going to want to find a mat that can last a few years!

One of the biggest challenges you will face to the durability of your product is, of course, chewing and clawing.

Some dogs will love to chew on anything they can get their paws on. So these pads will need to be strong enough to withstand teeth punctures and tearing. 

While we would always recommend reading other customers’ reviews as well when making your decision (they will often comment on the durability), the gel pads are designed to be tough because they have to contain the gel inside.

This is why gel cooling mats might be a good idea for dogs who like to chew! 

Thermal Efficiency

There are a huge number of factors that affect the efficiency of a cooling mat. One of these is the difference between the temperature of the mat and your dog.

For example, if your dog is constantly living in a hot climate. Their bodies will have adjusted automatically to make this hot climate more comfortable for them.

This means that they may not notice as much of a cooling effect as dogs who don’t normally live in heat. 

Other factors include the cross-section of the cooling mat and the cooling properties that are actually being used in the mat.

This is why, for example, some gel mats will only cool for half an hour. Others can cool a dog for 3 hours. 


The main thing to consider when buying a cooling mat (in terms of size) is checking that it isn’t too small for your dog.

While it might be alright if their legs are hanging over the edge of the mat, you will want all of their body to fit on the cooling area.

This is because they may also consider this mat to be their bed in the summertime. So they will need to be comfortable whilst cooling down. 

However, you may also need to think about whether you want the mat to be portable. Do you want it to fit into a vehicle? How much space do you want it to take up in your home?

Measure out an area first, whether that’s in your home or vehicle, and choose a mat according to this. 


While this also ties into the size of the mat, you will also need to consider how easy it is to pack/fold away. Also, whether it can be easily lifted.

This is because cooling mats are perfect for taking away on vacations. They can double up as a bed in warm or cold temperatures when your dog doesn’t have access to its own bed.

So, you will want to keep an eye out for a mat that is easy to roll up. This way, you can store it away, pack it, or carry it around. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cooling Mats For Dogs Safe? 

Since cooling mats do not use any form of electricity to make them effective, they are very safe for dogs.
As well as this, any cooling mats that use gel to cool dogs down will be made from non-toxic materials, in case your dog chews on them.
So, out of the options of cooling mat (water-based, gel-based, and simple organic material-based), none of these could be harmful to dogs at all. 

How Long Do Dog Cooling Mats Last? 

Ultimately, this will depend on which type of cooling mat you buy. In terms of the mat’s lifespan, they should last between 3-5 years – particularly the water-based mats and the organic material mats. 
For keeping your pet cool, this will depend entirely on what type of mat you are using.
The organic material mats and elevated cooling mats will keep your dog cool all the time, as they are constantly circulating fresh air.
On average, gel mats last around 3 hours before they need to be re-set. 

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