Cat Low Meow: What Does It Mean?


Cats make a range of sounds from purring, mewling, hissing, growling, and everything in between. Figuring out what these vocalizations mean, however, can be hard for even the most experienced cat owner. One of the most confusing sounds a cat can make is the low meow.

What does a cat low meow mean and how should you react when you hear it? Let’s find out.

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The Different Kinds of Meows

The most common noise a cat will make is the “meow.” Kittens will meow to tell their mother that they are hungry or in need of attention. Did you know that adult cats do not meow at one another? This is a vocalization reserved solely for humans!

Interestingly, cats also have a range of meows. Some are low-pitched while others are high. Repeated meows also have a meaning, as does the single quiet meow. Before you can figure out what your cat’s low meow is trying to tell you, you need some pertinent details:

The Standard Meow

This is the sound most people recognize: the mid-pitch and medium duration meow. Usually when cats do this, it is because they want something. It is up to you to decipher exactly what.

Repeated Meowing

Meows that happen one after the other could be a sign that your cat is excited. However, the pitch of repeated meows should also be considered.

The Mewl

Often accompanied with excited or loving behavior—such as lacing between your legs—your cat might give a clipped meow in greeting.

The Long Yowl

A lengthy meow that makes your eyebrows go up in question is often a persistent demand. Perhaps your cat knows it is dinnertime. Maybe they are asking to go outside.

The Low-Pitched Meow

Often characterized as a grumble or complaint, the lower the pitch of a meow, the more upset your cat may be. For example, if you are late with dinner, your cat might do a low meow to tell you to hurry up.

The High-Pitched Meow

Usually less of a meow and more of a shriek, this could mean that your furry friend is in pain or frightened.

What Does a Cat Low Meow Mean?

With the facts about meowing in mind, it is time to decipher what it means when a cat has a low meow. First, consider the natural volume of your cat’s voice. Maybe your cat has a baritone while others have a soprano, so this low meow could be their regular volume.

However, if you do notice that the pitch of your cat’s meowing has dropped, it is time to pay attention. Is their meow long and low? A cat’s low and long meow means that they are getting impatient. They’re saying, “You left me outside all day and the food bowl is still empty? Human, what’s wrong with you?”

If you notice that your cat is giving you low meows and has a posture that is closed off and unfriendly, they could be annoyed or sad about something. It is best to leave your kitty alone for now.

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One Meow, Many Meanings

So that’s the gist of it: A cat low meow is the same as a human grumble. When you hear a low meow throughout the day, it means that your cat is either impatient, upset, or annoyed. Be sure to pay attention to the context of the low meow, as well. Sometimes cats do this when they are stressed out or feeling unwell.

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What does it mean when a cat meows low?

It’s important to consider the context in which the low meow is happening and any accompanying behaviors to get a better understanding of what your cat might be trying to communicate.