Perro aullando sin motivo – Posibles respuestas


Dogs make wonderful companions.  They’re always there for us and excited to greet us when we get home, cuddle up on the couch, or go out for a walk together.  However, caring for a dog is not always an easy task.  And, sometimes, the behavior of our canine friends can be puzzling.  For example, if you notice your dog yelping for no reason, you may be confused about what is going on when everything is seemingly OK. It may appear to you that there is no logical explanation for the yelping. However, your dog likely does have a reason—you just have to determine what that reason is.  Read on, and I’ll share more about why your dog is yelping for what seems like no reason.

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¿Por qué mi perro aúlla sin razón?

Mucha gente asocia un perro aullando con el perro sufriendo or having a medical condition. This could be the explanation if your dog yelps when touched on side.  Or for an old dog yelping in pain at night.  However, these are not the only reasons your dog may be yelping.  If you notice your dog yelping and know that they haven’t recently done anything to have injured themselves, it may be something else.  However, if it continues, it may be worth a trip to the vet. Your vet can confirm that there is not an invisible injury or underlying condition that is causing your dog pain.

Some of the other possible answers for the question, “why does my dog keep yelping for no reason,” include:

  • buscando atención
  • Preguntando por algo
  • Ansiedad
  • Miedo
  • Hearing or seeing something that you don’t
  • Aburrimiento

Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons in the next few sections.

¿Por qué mi perro aúlla sin razón?

Buscando Atención

Why is my dog yelping out of nowhere?  In some cases, the yelping may be your dog’s way of asking for attention. 

If you’re in the middle of doing something and aren’t really paying attention to your dog, they could be asking for you to come pet them or cuddle up on the couch with them.  

If your dog got immediate attention from you in the past when they yelped, either due to injury or some other reason, they may associate the yelping with the attention they received.  This can lead to the learned behavior of yelping, trying to recreate that attention they’ve previously received.

Preguntando por algo

If you’re asking, “why did my dog started yelping for no reason,” they may be trying to ask you for something. 

Think about whether your dog may be hungry. Has it been a while since they’ve been out to use the bathroom? Your dog could also be asking to take a walk together or go out into the backyard to play so they can get some of their energy out.

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What happens if a dog is constantly yelping for no reason when you’re getting ready to leave the house? 

Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety. They do not like being left alone in the house or away from their owner. 

Perros con ansiedad por separación often seem most distressed when their owner is preparing to leave or when they are left home alone.  


Los perros también pueden gritar por miedo. 

¿Tu perro también se esconde mientras aúlla? ¿Parecen estar aullando cuando hay sonidos fuertes adentro o afuera? Si es así, el miedo podría ser el culpable.

Hearing or Seeing Something that You Don’t

Dogs have highly attuned senses.  It is completely possible that your dog is sensing something that you don’t even realize.  They often can see, hear, or smell things that we don’t even notice.  Maybe it’s a squirrel in the walls, or a cat on the outside roof.

Just because you don’t see a reason for their yelping, doesn’t mean that something isn’t there that they notice.


An old dog yelping for no reason could be caused by boredom. 

Even younger dogs may become bored or try to let you know that they need some playtime or attention.  Some dog breeds have high daily exercise needs each day (an hour or more) or require a lot of mental stimulation.  These breeds, in particular, may really struggle without enough activity and interaction.

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Determinar la causa de los aullidos de un perro

Determinar exactamente qué está causando que tu perro grite puede ser un desafío. Por supuesto, sería más fácil si tu perro pudiera decirte lo que está mal. Sin embargo, lamentablemente no es así como funcionan las cosas con los perros.

If the yelping is a new behavior or only happened a few times, try to think about what was going on at the time it occurred.  Do you think something could have frightened or excited your dog?  Were they showing anxiety at the thought of you leaving or having just returned from being gone?  Had you been consumed with an important task and the yelping was your dog’s way of trying to get some attention?

Otra cosa en la que puede pensar para ayudarlo a determinar por qué su perro está aullando es la hora del día en que ocurre. ¿Ha notado algún patrón en torno a la(s) hora(s) en que su perro está aullando? Podría estar relacionado con la necesidad de ir al baño o dar un paseo o querer ser alimentado.

Qué debes hacer si tu perro está aullando

El curso de acción apropiado a tomar cuando un perro está aullando se verá diferente dependiendo de cuál decidas que es la razón subyacente de los aullidos. 

A continuación se presentan algunos enfoques diferentes a considerar.

Don’t Encourage the Yelping Behavior

A veces, gritar puede ser un comportamiento aprendido. Si su perro aulló una vez por una razón legítima y luego recibió mucha atención de usted, puede alentar a que el comportamiento continúe. 

Por ejemplo, si corrió hacia su perro y comenzó a acariciarlo y a preguntarle si está bien, es posible que comience a asociar los aullidos con tener muchas mascotas y amor. 

If you want the yelping behavior to stop, don’t give your dog the reward of extra attention.  This may help nip the yelping in the bud.

Crea una rutina consistente para tu cachorro

Las rutinas consistentes son importantes para muchos perros

Si su horario diario es muy variado y no hay previsibilidad en cuanto a las horas de las comidas, los paseos o las pausas para ir al baño, es posible que su perro esté indicando que necesita más estructura. 

If you are asking, “why dog fakes yelping for no reason,” try to create a more consistent schedule for your dog to help them understand what is happening and when they should be expecting a meal or time outside.

¿Por qué mi perro está aullando de la nada?

Trabajar para reducir la ansiedad

Do you think the yelping may be caused by anxiety?  If so, take some measures to help reduce the anxiety your dog may be feeling when they are left alone or confronted with loud and ‘scary’ noises.  Make sure you reassure your dog that you are coming home, give them some food, and take them out to use the bathroom before you leave the house.  You can also consider turning the radio or TV on at a low volume. This will allow your dog hear people talking, which can make them less anxious.  Your vet may also recommend an anti-anxiety vest or something similar to help calm your dog’s nerves.

Lleva a tu perro al veterinario

If you can’t determine the cause of the yelping or your dog yelps when barely touched and nothing seems to be helping to reduce it, it is probably a good idea to bring your dog to the vet.  It is possible that they have an injury or internal disorder that is causing them pain, in which case you’d want them to get treatment as soon as possible. 

Even if it ends up that it is not a medical condition, your dog’s vet should be able to share some ideas to help minimize or eliminate the yelping.

Dog Yelping: Final Words

Hearing your pup yelping can be concerning.  It can also be frustrating when it appears to be happening for no reason.  It is important to realize, however, that even though we don’t see a logical explanation for the yelping, your dog almost always is doing it for some reason. 

Con suerte, la información que compartí anteriormente lo ayudó a comprender qué puede estar causando que su perro grite y le dio algunas ideas sobre lo que puede hacer para detener el comportamiento o buscar tratamiento si es necesario.

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¿Por qué mi perro grita?

Why is my dog crying out in pain for no apparent reason?  There are a number of reasons that a dog may scream or yelp.  These can include pain, fear, anxiety, asking for attention, boredom, hearing or seeing something, or asking to go to the bathroom or be fed.

¿Cuáles son las señales de advertencia de que tu perro está pidiendo ayuda?

A dog yelping isn’t necessarily a sign that they are in immediate need of medical attention.  However, if your dog yelping in pain when touched.  Additionally, if you notice any signs of injury, trouble breathing, changes in their stool, or aggressive behavior, buscar tratamiento del veterinario.