Perché il mio cane lecca tutto?


Dogs are one of the best animals on the planet and there’s no debate about it. Anything they do can either make your heart melt or make you burst out into tears of laughter. Nobody knows what’s going through their heads at any given time, which keeps us o our toes 24/7. One thing you might be wondering is why your dog seems to lick everything! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Follow our guide on all things lickable and why your dog does these things.

It´s Halloween weekend at Salem. Thousands of people wearing great costumes. I´m very excited taking pictures and suddenly I meet this pug who made my day!! he pulled his tongue for me!


Things My Dog Licks

When it comes to licking things, any target could get it. Dogs don’t discriminate and will lick absolutely anything and everything they set their eyes on.

A lot of people may assume that our pooches are just always looking for something to eat and will test it out by licking things to see if they taste nice.

Although this can be true in certain instances, it’s not the whole picture. A lot of the time they can lick household items from table legs to rugs and carpets. Maybe even other pets, like your cat.

On top of these, canines have been known to lick other things like toys and cushions, which can look especially weird to us when it’s something we actively use.

Of course, dogs don’t adhere to the same sort of social norms that humans stick to. Because of this, they can make some situations a bit awkward and will make you laugh at their antics. For example, they can be seen licking each other’s private parts.

Why Does My Dog Lick Things?

Of course, when it comes to licking things dogs will often be looking for something to eat.

Stray Food

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re hungry. Sometimes they can be greedy and just be looking for an extra treat or two to keep them going throughout the day.

A lot of us tend to drop food when we’re eating, or we can frequently spill drinks. It happens to all of us, don’t worry!

But our pets will take full advantage of our clumsiness and be ready and waiting.

When a dog is licking a rug or a carpet, it could be because there’s a stain there with something sweet or savory sunk into the material.

When having food like steak, lots of juices are present on the plate, so it’s no surprise that some of it might end up within licking distance of our hounds.

In all fairness, it can help to prevent us from having to clean it up!

Another similar reason to this is that there are crumbs on the carpet.

Of course, dogs are more likely to eat these, rather than lick them, but when the crumbs are small with a lot of them, the crumbs will likely stick to the dog’s tongue.

Once again though, our vacuum in dog-form prevents us from having to do more housework, so it’s not always a bad thing. Just as long as they’re not chewing on your favorite furniture.

Why Does My Dog Lick Things

Anxiety and Stress

A lot of dogs may have some sort of anxiety and stress, just like us humans get. However, rather than squeezing a stress toy or doing some drawing, dogs will lick things.

Il sensation of licking certain surfaces can feel comforting for the canine and will allow them to calm down if they’re feeling a bit high-strung.

Common surfaces for this may include the kitchen floor, rugs with unique textures, walls, and even things like toilets!

This is perfectly normal though and will most likely pass with time. However, you can train them to use different methods of keeping zen!

La noia

Dogs will sometimes sit around all day and do the bare minimum. That’s one thing that we humans definitely feel jealous about!

However, we often forget that when we’re not around, dogs don’t have anyone to spend their time with. Because of this, a lot of canines may start to lick things out of boredom.

To us, it makes no sense, but to dogs, it can mean passing the time and doing something in the meantime whilst they wait for us to return home. How weird!

Medical Conditions

When it comes to the medical side of things, a lot of dogs might lick their noses if they have a runny nose.

We all know how frustrating it is when our nose is blocked, causing us to keep a tissue close by at all times.

However, dogs don’t have that privilege and will often lick their noses if they can sense that it’s running.

We all know that dogs’ noses are wet anyway, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel a bit backed up from time to time!

Ever hear the saying about a dog licking its wounds? When a dog has a cut on its body, it’ll often try to lick it to relieve the pain and discomfort.

Saliva is a natural pain reliever and can block harmful bacteria and infections from spreading to the injury.

By licking their wounds, dogs are following their innate instinct to try and heal themselves and get rid of the pain.

It’s not great to think about but a lot of dogs will have underlying health issues that need addressing, so it’s always useful to keep a watchful eye on them to make sure they’re okay.

Lack of Nutrition

A lot of dogs will lick dirt when they have lack nutrition, thinking that the soil will solve their problems.

This isn’t the case, however, and they could ingest a lot of harmful substances from the dirt, so best to try and put a stop to that as soon as you can. 

Extending from this point, lots of pets can have a condition known as ‘pica’, where an animal will desire to eat objects that aren’t edible.

It’s a condition that can also be found in humans, which makes people want to eat stuff like pillow stuffing, mattresses, and even more harmful things like thumbtacks and pins! Ouch!

If your dog is doing this, then it’s important to take them to the vets whenever you can.

Why Dogs Lick – Final Thoughts

When our dogs lick random things, it’s not always a cause for concern. Sometimes they’re just being their goofy selves and will lick things for the sensations or to lick something off of the surface.

A lot of the time when our beloved pets lick things, it might be when we’re not home and they’re trying to pass the time until we get back. Just keep an eye on them and make sure they’re not acting out of the ordinary and they’ll be just fine!


Why does my dog excessively lick everything?

Some dogs might engage in excessive licking as a self-soothing behavior, especially if they’re feeling uncomfortable or uncertain. Skin conditions, allergies, pain, discomfort, or infections could lead to excessive licking as the dog tries to alleviate the discomfort. Dogs might lick surfaces or objects due to the taste or smell of something on those surfaces. If your dog’s excessive licking behavior is persistent, frequent, or seems to be causing distress, it’s recommended to consult with a veterinarian.

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