Can Dogs Eat Black Rice?


If you’re wondering whether dogs can eat black rice, you’ve come to the right place!  You likely already know that small amounts of white or brown rice are safe for dogs.  You may have even heard about the many health benefits black rice offers for humans.  However, you still may be unsure about whether black rice is safe for your dog.  So, can dogs eat black rice?  Let’s dive into the answer in the next few sections.

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What is Black Rice?

Black rice, as you may guess from its name, is rice that is black in color.  The anthocyanin pigment found in black rice is responsible for making it black (or deep purple) in color.  Black rice has a different flavor than white or brown rice.  It is chewier and has a nuttier flavor.  

Brown rice’s high antioxidant levels and plentiful quantities of other vitamins and minerals make it a very healthy alternative to plain white or brown rice for humans.  What about dogs, though?  We’ll look at the answer to that question next.

can dogs eat black rice

Is Black Rice Safe to Eat for Dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat black rice.  As with humans, black rice can deliver many health benefits for dogs too. (We’ll go into these benefits in a moment).

However, if you wish to serve your dog black rice, it is important to cook it without using any seasonings or salt.  While the black rice is safe for your pup, salt isn’t good for them, and many seasonings can be dangerous as well.  

You also want to limit how much black rice you feed your dog.  Dog food is specifically formulated to meet the daily nutrient and caloric needs of a dog, and feeding your pup too much additional food can increase their chances of gaining too much weight.

Can dog eat rice everyday?  Your dog’s size will determine how much black rice you can feed them.  Generally speaking, large dog breeds can be fed about ⅓ cup of black rice a few times per week, while smaller dog breeds should be fed even less than this.  Consult with your veterinarian if you are unsure how much black rice is safe to feed your dog.

Similarly, you may be asking, “can my dog eat wild rice?”  As with black rice, dogs can eat small amounts of wild rice as long as it doesn’t contain any seasonings or salt.

Black Rice Benefits for Dogs

When you’re deciding which rice is best for dogs, there are a few health benefits associated with black rice to consider.  Some black rice nutrition facts include:

  • Black rice is high in iron to help keep red blood cell production at healthy levels.
  • Black rice can be used to help with weight loss.  It is low in calories and can help overweight dogs stay fuller for longer.
  • The fiber found in black rice can help keep your dog’s digestive system healthy.
  • Black rice has high levels of antioxidants.  Two of these, zeaxanthin and lutein, work to keep a dog’s eyes healthy by protecting them against free radical damage.
  • Anthocyanin, the pigment that makes black rice black, works as an anti-inflammatory and can help injured or sick dogs recover more quickly.
  • Black rice is also gluten-free for any dogs who are allergic or intolerant of gluten.
can dogs eat black rice

Black Rice for Dogs

Choosing safe foods for our dogs to eat can be challenging.  We’re faced with so many questions as pet parents.  Can dogs eat olivesCan dogs eat spicy foods? Is cake bad for dogs?  Hopefully now you feel more confident knowing that, in moderation, black rice is safe for dogs.  It can even offer various health benefits including facilitating a healthy digestive system, offering protection against heart disease, and working as an anti-inflammatory.


Can I give black rice to dog?

Yes, you can generally give black rice to dogs as part of their diet. Make sure to cook the black rice thoroughly before feeding it to your dog. Note that black rice should be considered a treat or an occasional addition to your dog’s regular diet.